• August 2020 - Registration opens September 2019

  • Location: Commune Yoga - Seattle, Washington


  • Patrick Beach (Lead Trainer)

  • Carling Harps (Lead Trainer)

  • Guest Teachers - TBA each session

    • Past Faculty

      • Rob Zabel - History & Philosophy

      • Fawntice Finesse - Sound Healing


Awakening Yoga is a progressive practice style rooted in hatha vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on accessible and creative movement practices . We developed this practice style over few years after seeing so many diverse bodies in the yoga practice all over the world. Our goal with this style has always been to pay homage to the ritualistic traditional nature of the practice while incorporating modern movement patterns for today's bodies and minds.

We work with 4 baseline practices (Solar Vinyasa, Lunar Mobility, Restore, & Strength) which uphold the principles & foundations of Awakening Yoga, while encouraging creativity & freedom from the teacher(s). The 200 hour program focuses on the Solar and Restore pillars of Awakening Yoga. Lunar & Strength are addressed in our Advanced 300 hour program.


We are all looking for methods of stoking the fire that burns deep within our souls, to find the drive to achieve what we never thought possible, to push through adversity, to overcome obstacles, and be in the fiber of our true being. The Awakening Yoga Solar Sequence is a new map for movement through the traditional vinyasa yoga practice. You will have the opportunity to take your asana in many new directions as you begin to understand how to train your physical system to stand with power in our ever changing world.

This Awakening Yoga teacher training will focus on mastering the Solar Sequence, learning how to adapt and adjust it for your needs as a teacher or student, and help you to chart a course into sharing yoga.



The Solar Practice

You will learn the complete Solar sequence for your personal practice and teaching. We will break down each piece of the practice to help you find complete mastery over the set of poses.

Creative sequencing

Each day we will break down the sequence from class to help give students an understanding of how to bring variety to their yoga classes and how to incorporate the foundations of Awakening Yoga into any class setting.

Personalized Inversion practice

Explore the specific needs of your body in inversions, how to best work with your unique strengths and find balance.

How to teach public classes

We will help each student find their own voice as a teacher through practical teachings exercises and group activities to ensure you graduate with confidence & comfort as a teacher.

Philosophy and history of Yoga

We will dive into the pillars of yogic philosophy beginning our study of the many facets in this long standing traditional practice.

Introduction to Pranayama

Learn foundational Pranayama techniques for your home practice and teaching techniques for public class

Postural anatomy of classical yoga poses

You will learn the structural breakdown for classic yoga poses, the do’s and don’ts for cueuing in class, and how to apply modern bio mechanics to the physical yoga practice.

How to start your yoga teaching career

Learn how to find your first teaching job, how to create your niche as a teacher, how to thrive in many different teaching settings, and develop your own yoga teaching business

Social Media

Learn how to use social media to help you build a unique online presence, find which social channels best serve your creative interests, and how to manage your accounts day to day.




  • Awakening Yoga Printed Manual

  • One-on-one support

  • Unique Guest Workshops

  • Unlimited practice at studio for the duration of the course

  • Use of all studio props & mats



What type of yoga will I learn to teach?
Awakening Yoga is a progressive practice style rooted in hatha vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on accessible and creative movement practices . You will learn how to confidently and effectively sequence Awakening Yoga in using the Solar Practice in Vinyasa, Slow Flow, and Restorative practices.


What about accommodation and food?  
This is a non-residential and non-catered training - students are responsible for their own accommodation (lots of Airbnb choices in the neighborhood!) and food.


What are the hours of the training?

The training is intensive and full time, hours will be approximately 11:00am – 5:30pm daily + required class observations, with designated days off during the training.

Where will the training be held?
At our home studio, Commune Yoga in Seattle, Washington. We are located in the Wallingford neighborhood near the University of Washington and Greenlake.

313 NE 45th St. Seattle, WA 98105






Early bird pricing: $3,000 USD 
Standard pricing: $3,300 USD


$500 USD deposit is due upon application. The deposit is non-refundable unless your application is not accepted. The amounts listed above INCLUDE your $500 deposit.



For more information (or any questions) please email us at AwakeningYogaAcademy@gmail.com