Awakening Inversions : Finding Balance




  • How to effectively prepare students for inversions using sequencing & targeted strengthening

  • The physical alignment of inversions

  • Addressing the role of fear and breaking away from preconceived limitations

  • Readings, lecture & discussion on varying inversion alignment principals & theories

  • How to prevent injuries and keep your inverted students safe in a classroom setting

  • How to assess readiness for an inversion practice in your students

  • Benefits & modifications of inversions for all bodies

Required Reading Materials: All homework materials are provided electronically

A guided and open ended journey into the flying side of the Yoga practice. All of the why’s, why not's and how to’s necessary for an inversion practice. In this training you will not only build a new level of comfort in your own inversion practice, but walk away with the tools needed to safely share the joy of going upside down with your students.

We will explore two paths in this training - the path of liberating your own practice through the physical efforts needed to build your inversion practice and a path of manifestation - a study of the ideas, alignment, safety techniques, communication skills, and developing a keen eye for looking at bodies to share this knowledge with others. This training will create a shift in your body, mind, and spirit. Let’s Fly!  

All levels are welcome to join and a previous 200hr certificate is not required, but please come willing to be an active participant.