hey there.


I suppose you could call me a yoga teacher. That's generally the first answer I give at parties but I think that's mostly just because people tend to understand the idea of teaching yoga for money. and subsequently they'll ask me about this weird tinge they have in their shoulder and start rubbing their upper back mid sentence as they wrinkle up their face.

A writer by necessity, a birth doula by unexpected love, a dabbler in the culinary world of deliciousness by, well, by a sheer appreciation of deliciousness. and most recently a studio owner by way of the necessity of community and a deep sense of home.

cashew cheese and chocolate, sloth videos, tiny puppies that look like deer, and boisterous voices are just a few of the things that will always make me smile. I'm an equal opportunity eater, all pizzas are good pizzas. and all pups are good pups. 

The last decade has been spent teaching workshops, teacher trainings, and wellness retreats across the globe and over the interwebs via platforms like Alo Moves and YouTube . It's a seriously glorious thing that the world these days allows a life like mine to be possible.