on taking the bad with the good.

This yoga world sure loves to manifest. Hell, I like the idea of manifesting too. kinda.

The thing is, you can’t only call the good stuff to you.

Sure, I know you’re probably not manifesting a bunch of 10lb bags of bullshit on purpose, but let’s be clear, life is a balance. you don’t get just the peanut butter or just the jelly. You get that swirly messy oozey mashup, each bite could go either way. And oh yeah, you gotta eat the crusts too (sorry guys). seems to me it’s more about attitude, about approach. its more about listening and empathy than it is about creating some glossy, sunshiney, only-high-vibes-allowed reality. pretending that you can fully control your reality is a first-world, light skinned lie. I won’t apologize for that. Its only works through rose-tinted privileged glasses. so if you’ve got a pair, then yeah, manifest away.

Empathy. kindness. empathy empathy empathy. more kindness. more action. I suppose if I could truly manifest anything it would be that.

How can we try to understand more. how can we treat ourselves and everyone around us (or across the world) with kindness. listening to their stories. trying to feel what they are feeling without imparting our own narratives on them. how can we try to truly feel more even in the midst of the shit we don’t really want to be feeling at all. you can’t cherry pick. maybe it’s all a bunch of randomness, maybe the universe has got your back. or maybe it’s left you in the dust – don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Sure, I get it, meditating on positive thoughts can’t hurt. but right now seems like a time for real world positive actions. there are too many people in the world who need more human empathy and real world helping hands rather than manifested stardust and good vibes from the universe. the full spectrum of the human condition requires taking the bad with the good. and hopefully there’s always some intsy-wintsy ounce of good coming to you or radiating from you.

You can’t just ignore it. you can’t manifest away real life. its going to be there whether you envisioned it or not.

We make the best of it all, for everyone we can impact, because it’s the best that we can do.

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