on revelations and ratios.


There's a thing that happens when you try to quiet your mind. Sometimes that thing is that it totally works.  you get that wobbly eerie haze of relaxation and you vow to meditate every day in attempts to recreate that little scrap of bliss.

But most of the time, it’s a little less rose colored, and a lot more random. I'm settling in. I'm breathing. I'm lulling a mantra to and fro and definitely, *definitely* not holding onto any dreaded expectations for this meditation.




Lets back up, I had tacos for lunch. Patrick picked up tacos and tamales from the taco truck down the street this afternoon. Well, to be fair, its not really a truck any more. It was. A few years back it was just a truck, and then it was a truck in an empty parking lot reserved exclusively for taco devotees. After that they moved into an old KFC building and didn't even bother to change the signs or redecorate. Kitchens are kitchens and everybody loves a kitchen that cranks out delicious Mexican delicacies, even if its under the guise of an old defunct Colonel. I think now they have their own sign which actually kind of bums me out because now I just feel like I'm going to a regular old fast food restaurant instead of entering some secret underground club perfumed with chopped cilantro and meat sweats. 

I only ate one taco, and half of a tamale. Honestly a pretty terrible showing, a disgrace to tacos everywhere. The last tamale went into the fridge, someone will eat it. Patrick definitely will. I suppose I might also. Less of a disgrace now.



Brain: How many calories are in a tamale?


Tamale energy expenditure calculations have hijacked my mediation. It's a valid question really. I mean, I don't know how many calories are in a tamale, that’s definitely one I haven't googled before. Great knowledge to keep in the back pocket, and totally relevant to quieting the mind.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that atleast 3 minutes of today's meditation was tamale related. Maybe 5 if we're including the subsequent line of questioning regarding why the Filling:Corn ratio of tamales is so consistently wack.




Meditation is an interesting practice. I really value my meditation time and honestly quite look forward to settling down each day. Checking in and often finding something new during the practice. We're all looking for answers, solutions to perceived problems, to the mindless and to the profound. Today I found one answer.


284 calories according to Google. per tamale that is. Seems a little suspicious to me. Can't be certain that’s accurate but then again I'm always trying to remain a student so I don't want to speak ill of the almighty internet wizard.

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