on the city of angels.

Los Angeles is an odd place.

Less Tim Burton odd, and more Being John Malkovich odd.

I'm never quite sure if I love or hate it there. Or if I'm talking myself into loving or hating it there. But after our most recent trip, I've been teetering over the love line even to my own surprise.

Let start with the fact that jackets aren't required, and neither are pants most days so that’s generally a win. The houses are bright and airy spanish bungalows rather than the big, dark, clunky craftsmans of the Northwest.  Warm days are punctuated with magical snapchat-able sunsets made of palm trees and pollution. 

Green Juice runs like waterfalls (despite there being very little actual water), and the yoga aplenty is so full of itself that sometimes it even convinces you that there is only one right way (the YogaWorks way, of course).

I'll admit it, its easier to find a yoga class I'm willing to pay the exorbitant price for when I'm in LA. Its probably the population and vast size that brings about the demand but for all the insanity LA provides, there is a honest wide array of yoga available to a general practitioner. There are options and classes a plenty in multiple styles, lineages, teachers, you name it, you can drop in.

Sure, there's also some highly questionable stuff.  this recent trip introduced me to some currently popular tribal dance/yoga crossover classes lead by women with (as far as my research tells me) precisely zero attributable connection to any "tribes" so to speak (and which tribe exactly are we talking about anyways? Can a girl see a bibliography? Welp, let's just go with generally tribal because who needs cultural acuity amiright?)

Like I said, it’s a love/hate thing.

Remember that one Jared Leto song about LA? I'll link it here because 1. no ones gonna be mad about seeing a little bit of Jared Leto right now and 2. it’s a great representation of what a dichotomy this place is. I mean, the Olsen twins are in this video. THE OLSEN TWINS. Well, to be fair, one Olsen Twin. Ashley (my personal favorite) to be exact.


For me, LA is less odd for oddness sake, but more odd in a conflicting, brilliant, sometimes horrifying way. Often just as mundane as all the rest, but with that shiny quality that catches in the corner of your eye.  Blink too many times and its gone, but it sure was glorious while it lasted.

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