on self love beyond size 2.


The first time I posted a photo of myself in this swimsuit someone commented to ask “how I felt about my thighs”.


Whatever the intentions of the person asking might have been, I nonetheless responded by telling them I felt “pretty great about my thighs thanks for asking” although in my mind there was a strong undertone of “fuck off ya wanker”.

Here’s the thing about bodies, they just don’t matter that much. I know it feels like they do. Truly, I do. But they’re more about function than form and we often forget that. Even at age 8 I never had a thigh gap, these strong ole ladies of mine have been trotting me around my whole life and as it turns out, legs are pretty amazing with thigh gaps or without.

Whether we think our legs are sticks or tree trunks doesn’t matter. legs are legs. bodies are bodies. self love isn’t reserved for size 2. self love is something we absolutely owe ourselves and our hard working bodies.

So, how do I feel about my thighs? Pretty damn good thanks for asking.

Carling Harps