on grounding.


There is a power in repetition. a deep vibration that comes with practice and a rhythm that soothes once we finally find it.

 Finding the pulse, that’s usually the hard part.

I know it can be easy to get lost in the half-counts and wander off tempo. When I find myself losing the beat, I try to slow it down. Slow my self down. my body, my brain, my breath. find the counts and sink into the comfort of repetition. listen intently and wait for the bass. that deep down omnipresent pulsation. invoking the low vibrations meant to make me feel grounded and steady.

a grounding meditation* for those in need of grounding today

You have been provided a vehicle in which to take this journey. It is your body. It is equipped with everything you might need. One of your challenges on this journey is to keep your vehicle nourished, happy, and in good repair. It is the only one you will be given.

Feel your body. Feel it breathing in…and out… feel your heart beating inside. Explore the space your body occupies. Begin a dialogue with your body so that you may learn its language.

Your body is the journey and it is where you begin. It is your connection to the physical world, your foundation, your home.

You are here. You are connected.

Go down into this body - into your flesh, into your guts, into your legs and feet - digging your roots deep into the Earth, which supports and nourishes us. Move deep into her rocks and soil, deep into her guts of red hot lava, seething deep below, into her source of life and movement and power.

Sink deeply. Come to the base of your spine and find a red glowing ball of energy, glowing like the core of the earth. Feel this molten energy running down your legs, through your knees, into your feet. Feel it running through your feet, into the floor beneath you, through the floor and down into the earth, burrowing between rocks and roots, finding nourishment, support, and stability. Feel this cord of energy as an anchor, settling you, calming you, grounding you.

Finding stability, finding nourishment, finding peace.

Let the feeling of abundance come up from the Earth, into your feet, your legs, your pelvis, stomach, heart, and hands. Feel its expression in your throat, its recognition in your vision, its imprint in your mind.  

Take a deep breath and let it go down again, through your body and down into the Earth.

You are the ground on which all things rest. You are the earth from which all things grow. You are here, you are solid, you are alive.

You are the point from which all things begin.

You are here. You are connected.

You are safe.

You are loved.

You are enough.


*Adapted from Anodea Judith’s book Wheels of Life

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