on delusion.


I'm sure I'm dating myself with this Windows98 MSword paper clip help pop up imagery but it feels depressingly relevant.

It's tempting to toss up a few words of Internet empathy in the midst of the horror. Feeling heartbroken and lost makes sense, every single person should feel heartbroken right now. But we should also feel angry. anger is not bad, it is not wrong. sometimes it's quite productive. We should be outraged & storming the damn gates.

But we (white people - myself included) are not "speaking for the voiceless" - Black & Brown voices have been speaking, screaming, pleading, for years (more like centuries) but we tend to be shitty listeners. As allies, our job is to LISTEN. Listen to those who have lived (and died) by the systematic discrimination and brutalization of our schools, our workplaces, our criminal justice system, our police forces.

Dash cams, videos & Live streaming aren't enough to make you believe that #blacklivesmatter ? Live-Streaming-Video. for fucks sake.

We speak a lot of peace in the yoga world. We chant and charge our crystals and we proclaim that Love is the answer. Maybe we're too damn spiritual to be bothered by what's going on. Too enlightened to show up to a protest. We think our 3 minutes of daily gratitude will change the world.

But we are deluded by our whiteness. Deluded by our privilege.

Sending "Love and Light", "Thoughts and Prayers" - they aren't enough. Spiritual bypassing will not initiate change. Reform does not come from "prayers 4 insert tragedy location/name" and no, change doesn't come from an little old post like this one either.

We need action. Talk to your racist parents & grandparents, interrupt your bigoted or sexist rape joke making friends & coworkers. Listen. Hear. Pay attention to the way media is presented to you. Use that privilege to confront racial injustices head on. It's is not the job of the marginalized to coddle us through our reactions to learning the reality of the systemic racism & culture of white supremacy that they face every. single. day.

If we can check our egos at the door when we get on our mats, we better be able check our privilege too.

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