on conciousness altering experiences.


Life's usually a big ole smattering of chaos. some of it beautiful, some of it tragic. lots somewhere lost in between. uncategorizable. without category or definitive emotion. a smattering.

but sometimes, some small-itty-bitty times, it's quiet. and it's magical. and you wish you could slip it in your pocket before anyone notices. steal it away. maintain that altered consciousness forever.

but that's the thing. it's altered.

you don't have to lock it away for fear of losing it. it's not meant to be yours. it's not meant to be permanent. we are constantly altering our consciousness. every little moment of quiet. every choice and action, they're all consciousness altering experiences. seeking and seeking for something that is always and always already happening.

the quiet, and the chaos, it's all always there. ebbing and flowing, slipping us in and out of our many states of mind.

seeking it doesn't make it (or you) any more profound, it just makes you more and more desperate to get back to it - not realizing that you're already there.

Carling Harps