on used to's.


I used to be depressed. I used to write a lot about it and it was cathartic and made me feel less alone. it helped and you helped. most of the time atleast.

I feel pretty great these days. Anxiety is still a real bear and that’s something I’ve gotten better at coping with over the years.

sometimes because we put things out there, people attach themselves to that version of you and forget that life is ever changing (and don’t want you to change also)

I’ve been meaning to write something longer about the shift that happened over the last year but I’ve been almost too scared to jinx it and putting it off in case I let the balance slip away. in case I lost it, in case the ebb and flow ebbed back in that direction too soon.

there are tools that helped me and changes I made that might help someone else and make them feel less alone too. 

It’s been a full year and for the first time in a long time, I have a much clearer vision of myself. Someday I’ll share the journey but for now I think it matters to say that just because you’ve always been something doesn’t mean you always will be, you’re allowed to change and grow even if people on the internet don’t want to let you go.

Carling Harps